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“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

— Albert Einstein



Kathmandu Xavier’s Public School (KXPS) has been managed and organized by a team of highly qualified, experienced, trained and dedicated professionals, educationists and social workers. The school was established in 1999 A.D., and it has been processing ahead by leaps and bounds since the existing team took over the management. The school is located at the heart of Kathmandu metropolitan city, New Baneshwor with peaceful, and secured academic ambiences.

The sole objective of the school it to impart quality education to students from different sectors of the society. The school builds up overall confidence of the students through different extra curricular activities. We would like to make them Physically fit, mental alert and morally correct. The school has created such an atmosphere, in which the student’s inherent talents and skills never remain unexplored.

KXPS has a vision for the country by cultivating responsive and responsible links of the new generation towards nation’s development, respect for Nepali traditions and human values along with knowledge of global currents.

Principal’s Message

I am pleased to congratulate the team of Kathmandu Xavier’s Public School once again for their intellectual efforts which have resulted into numerous forms of learning culture. It is possible to store a person’s mind with innumerable facts but he can still be uneducated and therefore we are making every attempt to impart practical and value-based education so as to produce competent innovative and responsible citizens who can make some contribution to humanity.

We firmly believe that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments in the absence of which an educational institution becomes crippled and its mission futile. If education is only for compiling leads of information neglecting the most rudimentary attribute of life- the formation of character it loses its value in the true sense. We, therefore, nurture the young and sprouting minds with love and compassion, and at the same time set tangible guidelines to help them grow as responsible and duty-bound future citizens. Continue reading “About”



Science Lab

We have a special science laboratory where the students gain practical knowledge through different,scientific experiments.  We involve the students from class three to ten in the science lab. The students receive periodic guidance and other information form science teachers and other experts from outside.


Computer Lab

The school has a spacious computer laboratory equipped with computers with latest technology. We like to expose even the students of nursery and kindergarten to Computers. We have built a concept of “learning through games.”




The School library is full of books; modern and valuable references pirated effectively by computerized recording system. The library in-charge is full time available at service from 8:00am to 6:00pm on all working days. students from KG to grade X are encouraged to borrow books from various disciplines appropriate for their learning age and review literature for their home assignments apart from school work.


A child first learns by seeing and hearing something rather than reading it in a book. It is the natural and most effective way of learning. By using pictures, sounds, videos, animations and games to learn various topics, we can simulate the natural way of learning process in our classrooms. Continue reading “Facilities”


Welcome to Kathmandu Xavier’s Public School. Please use our website to access information regarding enrolling your child at School. If you are interested in visiting the school for a tour of the school or meet with the Admission Section. The Admissions Office is available to answer your questions via phone (Phone:01-4469987) or email Registrar .

Kathmandu Xavier’s Public School
P.O. Box 24705
Lakhechaur Marg

New Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 01-4469987
E-mail: contact@kxps.edu.np

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